Frequently asked questions

Can TaskTask sync with Outlook using a USB connection or without a server?

No, TaskTask can only sync your task list through an Exchange server. If you are using Outlook but not using Exchange, you cannot use TaskTask to sync with Outlook.

Does TaskTask support recurring or regenerating tasks?

Yes! TaskTask lets you create repeating tasks for 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, or 1 year. TaskTask also supports proper handling of repeating and regenerating tasks created in Microsoft Office Outlook or Outlook Web App.

Can I assign tasks to other people using TaskTask?

TaskTask only handles your personal tasks. It cannot be used to assign tasks to others in your organization. Tasks assigned to you from others will appear in TaskTask but will not send status reports to the original owner.

What’s the difference between TaskTask and TaskTask HD

TaskTask HD is a new application available for the Apple iPad device. It is only compatible with the iPad and does not run on the iPhone or iPod Touch. TaskTask is an iPhone application and runs on iPhone, iPod Touch, and on the iPad in compatibility mode. TaskTask HD has been redesigned to take advantage of the additional screen space on the iPad device and have a native iPad interface. In the future, TaskTask HD will grow to include additional features based that are only available for the iPad device.

At this time there is no universal version of TaskTask that works on all iOS devices.

Can I get a refund if TaskTask doesn't work with my account?

Refunds for apps purchased through the Apple App Store or Microsoft Store can only be granted by going through the store's support system. The developer of an application cannot grant refunds directly.

For the Apple App Store, you can use the email receipt for your purchase to report having a problem with the app and to request a refund.