Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the difference between TaskTask and TaskTask HD
A: TaskTask HD is a new application available for the Apple iPad device. It is only compatible with the iPad and does not run on the iPhone or iPod Touch. TaskTask is an iPhone application and runs on iPhone, iPod Touch, and on the iPad in compatibility mode. TaskTask HD has been redesigned to take advantage of the additional screen space on the iPad device and have a native iPad interface. In the future, TaskTask HD will grow to include additional features based that are only available for the iPad device.

Q: How do I configure TaskTask for my server?
A: Configuring TaskTask is easier than ever in the new 1.1. update. You can use the TaskTask account configuration wizard to automatically set up your account based on your e-mail address, username, and password through Exchange 2007 AutoDiscover. If AutoDiscover is not available, TaskTask will walk you through an easy account configuration similar to configuring your e-mail account on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

If the automatic configuration doesn’t work, follow these steps for manual configuration.

Q: Can TaskTask sync with Outlook using a direct USB connection or without an Exchange Server?
A: No, TaskTask can only sync your task list through an Exchange server. If you are using Outlook but not using Exchange, you cannot use TaskTask to sync with Outlook standalone.

Q: Does TaskTask support recurring or regenerating tasks?
A: Yes! TaskTask lets you create repeating tasks for 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, or 1 year. TaskTask also supports proper handling of repeating and regenerating tasks created in Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Web Access.

Q: Can I assign tasks to other people using TaskTask?
A: No, TaskTask only handles personal tasks. It cannot be used to assign tasks to others in your organization like Outlook tasks allow you to do.

Q: I see an error (HTTP/1.1:500) after adding a new task that won’t go away
A: This can happen in some versions of TaskTask if you edit a task to soon after adding it on the device. To resolve the issue, you can delete the local cache (Options -> Account Info -> Delete Cache). You will lose any unsynchronized changes to tasks on the device when you do this. A fix for this issue will be available in a future update. In the mean time, wait for the network activity indicator to disappear before editing a task you just created on the device.

Q: Does TaskTask show everything from Microsoft Office Outlook’s To Do Bar?
A: By default TaskTask only shows your active tasks by default. If you are connected to an Exchange 2007 server, you can enable synchronizing flagged e-mail items as well, which are normally shown in the Outlook To Do Bar. TaskTask does not support flagged contacts. To enable flagged item syncing, see Options Explained.

Q: After upgrading, I can no longer connect to my server
A: Double check your account settings to confirm they were migrated correctly. If you still cannot connect, re-enter your username and password, occasionally on upgrade the encrypted password can be lost.

Q: Why can’t I sync flagged items?
A: If you are connected to an Exchange 2003 server, or using WebDAV to synchronize your tasks, you cannot download flagged mail items. This feature is not supported in TaskTask when connected to an Exchange 2003 server.

Q: Can I change the default start/due date for a new task?
A: You can change the default dates for a task from the Advanced settings menu in TaskTask to today, tomorrow, this week, next week, or no date.

Q: Will TaskTask work with Exchange 2003 servers?
A: TaskTask is compatible with Microsoft Exchange 2003 mailboxes. However, some features may not be available when connected to Exchange 2003 servers.

Q: Will TaskTask work with Exchange 2010 servers?
A: TaskTask is fully compatible with Microsoft Exchange 2010 that publish Exchange Web Services (this is the default). However, since IT departments may customize or disable Exchange Web Services, you should check with your Exchange administrator first to determine if TaskTask is compatible.

Q: How do I enable syncing flagged mail items?
A: To enable the download of flagged mail items, you need to switch on the option under Advanced Options. This option is not available if you are connected to Exchange 2003.

  1. Tap on the action icon (lower right corner)
  2. Tap on Advanced
  3. Switch on Sync Flagged Items

On the next refresh of the task list, flagged items will appear. If you have a lot of mail in your mailbox, it may take a few minutes before all of your flagged items appear, as the server needs to locate the items first before they can be downloaded. You may need to refresh TaskTask again to see the full set of flagged items.

Q: Will you add feature X to the new release?
A: Send me an e-mail and let me know what feature you would like to see in TaskTask, and it just might make it into the next release.

If you have other questions, please e-mail support [~at~] While I can’t promise I can reply to everyone, I do my best effort to get back to everyone who e-mails me.


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