The Saga of SSL Support

November 22, 2011

The latest update of TaskTask, 3.2.492, just landed in the App Store tonight. I thought this would resolve all of the issues people have been running into where TaskTask won’t connect to their server with the 3.2.x update but previously did. However, shortly after the update went live, Nick S. reported an issue that he could no longer connect to his Exchange 2003 server which required “Allow Invalid Certs” to be enabled (and was enabled).

Turns out, the update that fixes the ability to connect to some servers breaks the ability to connect to others. I’m flustered that somehow I missed this when I was producing the update for the first issue. I’ve created a fix that resolves both issues, QA tested it against Exchange 2003, 2007, and 2010 servers with valid and invalid certificates, and just now have submitted it to the app store.

In the mean time, if you have an account configuration that requires you to turn on “Allow Invalid Certificates” I recommend you do not upgrade TaskTask to 3.2.492, since TaskTask will stop being able to connect to your server. If you do upgrade, you will see an error message that includes “errSSLXCertChainInvalid” at the bottom, which indicates that your SSL certificate is invalid/self signed and TaskTask failed to ignore the bad certificate.

All of this unfortunately started because of a change in the way SSL connections are configured when an application is built using the iOS 5 SDK. The coming update, 3.2.494, will resolve these connection issues and should get everyone back on track.


Crashing issues with TaskTask 3.2.490

November 18, 2011

If you’ve installed last week’s update for TaskTask, you may encounter an issue where TaskTask repeatedly crashes. Unfortunately there was a test case that I missed while working on that version that does cause TaskTask to crash in a rather common scenario. I’ve just submitted a fix for the issue to Apple and have requested that they fast-track approval of the update due to the crashing issue. If you haven’t updated already, I recommend waiting until the 3.2.492 update is released to update.

Sorry for the troubles, I’ve updated my set of test cases to make sure I have good coverage on this particular type of issue in the future.

Edit: There also appears to be an issue with iOS 5 devices not being able to connect to some servers. An error message indicating a problem with SSL will be displayed, and you will be unable to connect. I’ve tracked down the root cause of the issue and have also provided a fix in the upcoming 3.2.492 update.

TaskTask Project Update

November 14, 2011

Last week I submitted an update to TaskTask to version 3.2. This new update includes several new features requested by you, my customers! This update, when approved by Apple, will provide the ability to move tasks between folders, search your tasks significantly faster (full text index), and features a redesigned view settings to make it easier to find all of the options to customize your view.

This update also adds experimental support for syncing with Google Tasks. This provides very basic task list management to everyone with a Google account. The support is experimental because Google hasn’t finalized their Tasks API, so it’s possible in the future the feature could break. Google Tasks are also significantly more limited than Outlook, so the set of functionality available with Google Tasks is significantly less than what TaskTask offers with Exchange. I’m looking forward to hearing feedback from anyone who tries out the Google Tasks mode.

Moving beyond this update, I feel that the majority of TaskTask functionality is complete for iOS devices. With the release of the built-in Reminders application from Apple with iOS 5, sales of TaskTask for iOS devices have fallen considerably. While I will continue to support TaskTask for iOS for the foreseeable future, my focus will be shifting to working on TaskTask for other platforms, such as Windows Phone 7 and Android. I’ve had a version of TaskTask for Windows Phone 7 in progress for quite some time, and will be working on finishing it up so that I can deliver these features to Windows Phone customers. After that release, I’ll start the investigation on porting TaskTask to Android.

This means the update rate for TaskTask for iOS will likely decrease over the next few months. I will continue to monitor e-mail and forum traffic to see if there are any significant requests from customers around TaskTask functionality or issues that need to be resolved. I appreciate the continued support from all of my loyal customers and I look forward to delivering the TaskTask experience on all mobile devices in the future.

Local Reminders Option Missing

October 21, 2011

Local Reminders setting in Advanced Options

If you’re using TaskTask on iOS 4 or iOS 5 and can’t find the Local Reminders setting and aren’t seeing reminders appear on your device, you will need to reinstall TaskTask to get the setting to return. This issue is a bug in TaskTask where the state of the device’s support for local reminders was stored permanently and isn’t reset even though you have upgraded the OS version that now supports local notifications. Reinstalling TaskTask from the App Store will allow TaskTask to detect that your device supports reminders and enable the feature.

This issue will be fixed in the next update for TaskTask.

E-Mail Migration

October 16, 2011

I’m moving to a new e-mail provider for TaskTask e-mail accounts this weekend. If you’re trying to e-mail support and receiving an error that the message cannot be delivered, please send your mail to support [at] Hopefully the issue that is preventing mail to the normal address from being delivered will be resolved later today. Also consider posting your question on our support forum at

Everything is back to normal now. Please use support [at] for e-mail support, although I encourage everyone to post their issues to the forums, where other people can help you out as well!


Version 3.1 Coming Soon

September 10, 2011

I’ve just finished uploading the final version of TaskTask and TaskTask HD 3.1. This release is the first significant release for TaskTask in a while and includes a much requested feature: attachment support!

Version 3.1 allows you to download and preview attachments to your Outlook tasks. For example, if you flag an e-mail with an important PDF in Outlook, now you can read that PDF (or any other file you can open on your device) straight from TaskTask!

When you open a task, the attachments appear just under the notes field:


Attachments are not downloaded automatically, because they can be rather large. To download an attached file, tap on the filename, and the attachment will start downloading:


Once the attachment has finished downloading, the attachment will present an arrow indicating it is ready to be viewed:


Tapping on the attachment name again, once the attachment is downloaded, will open the attachment in the built-in previewer:


You can also open attached files in other applications on your device, for example if you need to make changes to a file and send it back to someone. Just tap the action launcher button on the right side of the title bar, and you’ll get a list of applications you can use to open the file.

This update also includes a number of other improvements and updates, including:

  • Mark a task as private – Now you can use TaskTask to mark a task as private, and prevent other people who have access to your task list from seeing the contents of the task.
  • iOS 5.0 compatibility – Some issues were found using TaskTask on iOS 5.0. This update resolves those issues.

This version also includes some usage reporting capabilities. This feature provides completely anonymous and untraceable data about how you use TaskTask back to the developer. It includes information like how long it takes to sync your task list, how many tasks are downloaded from the server, and how many tasks you create or complete while using TaskTask. This information will help me to make TaskTask better in the future by understanding how you really use the program. If you don’t want to provide this information, you can switch off data collecting and reporting by launching the Settings app, scrolling down to TaskTask, and switching off Report Usage. No personally identifying information about you or your identity is ever sent back.

The update should hit the app store this coming week, as soon as it clears the Apple app approval process.


Beta Test for Next Update

August 16, 2011

I’m running a little behind on getting the next update out. I had hoped that it would come out this month, but it’s turned into a more significant code change, and I want to make sure I preserve the stability of TaskTask for existing users. That means I’m going to do a small beta test for this update, to make sure I have all the major bugs worked out.

If you are interested in beta testing, please follow the instructions posted here. If you have been a beta tester before, please resubmit your information as the device details from previous beta customers has been reset.

This update includes:

  • Attachment support (read only)
  • Ability to mark a task as private
  • Adjustable splitter between tasks and details for iPad
  • Bug fixes for iOS 5
  • Other changes under the covers

If you’re interested in helping make the next release of TaskTask great, please help beta test this update!

New Support Forums

August 8, 2011

At the request of a few customers, I’m trying an experiment to allow users to publicly comment on TaskTask through a set of online forums. These forums provide a way for you to post questions and get answers from myself and other users of TaskTask. Hopefully this will allow customers to get answers faster and more efficiently than through my support e-mail address. Of course, I will continue to monitor the support alias and reply to as many mails as I can.

The forums are available at I’ve set them up on an experimental basis, and if they are satisfying a need and helping users out I will continue to keep them going.

Quick update on TaskTask Development

July 6, 2011

Hello! As mentioned in an earlier post, this summer is a very busy summer for me! In two weeks I’ll be getting married, and the run up to our wedding hasn’t given me a lot of time to work on developing TaskTask features. However, I have been able to get in a few hours of coding, will be polishing up an update to provide full compatibility with iOS 5 and a few bug fixes in the next week.

Beyond that, TaskTask development is still going on. I’m very close to releasing a Windows Phone version of TaskTask, and continue to have dreams of TaskTask being available on Android in the future. The Windows Phone version will likely be released sometime in late summer, just before Windows Phone Mango arrives.

I haven’t forgotten the iOS version either though, where I continue to work on new features like attachment support and ActiveSync connectivity. Because of the significant extra development time, these features may be pay-for-use features, requiring an in-app purchase before they are available. Given the recent legal issues around in-app purchasing, I don’t have a release date for these features yet. Hopefully the legal issue will blow over, the app store will settle down, and these features can roll out this summer.

Post wedding, TaskTask development should pick back up, and more regular updates will be coming out. Thanks for your patience and support!


TaskTask not available?

March 22, 2011

I’ve been getting e-mail reports that TaskTask is not available in the iTunes App Store over the last couple of days. I’ve finally tracked down the issue: my contract to sell apps on the App Store expired on Saturday, and I never received any notification that the contract was expiring.

I’ve updated the contracts and they are being processed right now. As soon as they are finished processing TaskTask will be available in the store again. Sorry for the inconvenience! I’ll update this post when the app is available again.

Update: The contracts have been renewed and TaskTask should be available for download again.


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