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TaskTask is a simple, easy to use, task management application for mobile devices. Using TaskTask, you can completely manage your to do list, including creating tasks, setting start/due dates, marking tasks complete, assigning categories, changing importance, and deleting tasks. TaskTask goes beyond other task management apps by connecting to your Microsoft Exchange server and synchronizing your tasks from Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Outlook Web Access down to your device.

TaskTask is easy and intuitive to get started using, but provides configuration to allow advanced task management users to do everything they want as well. TaskTask helps walk you through configuring your Exchange account and quickly downloads your task list to get you going.

Available in the iTunesApp Store download_wp7

Available in the Windows Store


  • Simple interface, quickly create new tasks and mark tasks completed
  • Set task attributes, such as category, importance, start/due/complete dates, and notes
  • Synchronize your task list with your Microsoft Exchange server based e-mail account (no hidden fees for syncing tasks)
  • Automatic discovery of your Exchange 2007 account using AutoDiscover, no need to remember or find your server information

TaskTask requires an Exchange mailbox to sync with Outlook. TaskTask does not synchronize using Exchange ActiveSync and is not compatible with Google Apps, Gmail, Zimbra, or other servers which use the Exchange ActiveSync protocol exclusively.

To wireless synchronize your tasks with Outlook, your e-mail account must be on a Microsoft Exchange 2003, 2007, or 2010 server. Before you purchase TaskTask, please verify with your e-mail administrator your server meets these requirements. For more information see specific Exchange requirements.

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TaskTask and TaskTask HD apps for iOS are covered by the App Store End User License Agreement as specified by Apple.

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